How Chiropractic Killeen Improves Sports Performance

by Administrator 16. September 2013 07:14

Application of chiropractic care for improved athletic performance has been established for decades, with a number of acclaimed sports professionals, including Michael Jordan and Steve Smith, getting regular chiropractic adjustments for improved performance. According to Sean Atkins, Ph D Exercise Physiology, more than 90% of the world’s athletes use chiropractic care to boost their performance potential.

Corrective Chiropractic And Wellness is an acclaimed chiropractic center located in the heart of Central Texas, where you can avail the multitude benefits that chiropractic care has to offer in building sports endurance and strength. Our chiropractic doctors shall look into your individual case, and design a program that best meets your needs and goals. You can schedule an appointment with a chiropractor at our Killeen clinic to get started right away.

While the idea of chiropractic care being useful to a sportsperson might seem strange to the uninitiated, the fact is that chiropractic adjustments go way beyond healing sports-related injuries. Chiropractic adjustments definitely help in treating sports-related injuries and preventing their recurrence, but in addition to this, they also have several other benefits to offer to athletes. Getting these adjustments done regularly has been proven to have a positive overall effect on the nervous system and the body’s biomechanics, leading to improved psychosomatic functioning, which includes vital functions like balance, coordination, quick reflexes, agility, etc.

After all, the nervous system is the master switch that controls all the faculties of our body, which is why, the regulation of this system’s functioning has an impact on our complete body. Dr.Shane Isdale, D.C. and Dr. Jason Degenhardt, D.C, heads of the chiropractic team at Corrective Chiropractic And Wellness explain that a large number of sportspersons tend to develop vertebral subluxations during the intense physical activity demanded by sports, which has an impact on the surrounding nerves.  When these nerves get pinched, this further has an impact on the organ that they supply to, leading to an overall dip in the sportsperson’s functionality.

By getting regular spinal adjustments from a chiropractic doctor at our Killeen clinic, you shall experience an immediate boost in your body’s efficiency. This happens because the pressure off the affected nerves is lifted, leading to quicker transmission of impulses from the brain to the body, and hence better functioning of every part of the body. This is a safe, drug-free, and scientifically proven way to boost not just your athletic performance, but also the general quality of your life, without any side effects.

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Chiropractic Killeen For Treating Hunchback

by Administrator 4. September 2013 05:41

Hunchback, also known by other names like Kyphosis and Scheuermann’s disease is a common developmental disorder mainly affecting adolescents, in which the spinal vertebrae deflect from their normal rectangular shape, assuming a wedge-shaped structure. The result is that the vertebral column begins to bend forward, as the vertebrae are unable to stack in a regular straight orientation. Modern lifestyles result in the development of hunchback due to poor posture caused by hunching in front of computer screens, smart phones, etc., which can have a negative impact on the sympathetic nervous system. This results in the body being in a constant state of “declared emergency”.

The treatment for hunchback depends on various factors such as the age of the patient, the symptoms being experienced, the cause of the disorder, the extent of progress, etc. Non-surgical treatment involves range of motion exercises that aim towards increasing the strength and flexibility of the vertebral column. Anti-inflammatory medicines are usually administered to the patients, as these help in the management of pain, and reduce discomfort by preventing inflammation in the affected tissues. Young patients are usually advised to use a back brace, which must be worn throughout the developmental years, until the skeleton stops growing.

According to the chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness, the best approach for reducing the hunch in the spine is a balance between physical therapy and exercise. Along with improving the bowing in the spine, this also helps to improve general body functions of vital organs like the lungs and the nervous system, which are affected by hunching. In certain patients, the disease may have progressed to a more severe stage, in which case it might be impossible to restore normal functions in the body. However, physical therapy can still help to prevent further progression of damage in these patients.

Chiropractic treatment for hunchback involves the manipulation through flexion exercises that help to increase the flexibility of the spine, hence gradually restoring it to its original position. These manipulations are also useful in decreasing inflammation and reducing tension in the muscles. The gentle thrusting techniques employed in administering this manipulation help in stimulating the nervous system and stretching the muscles. Other techniques employed in the chiropractic treatment for hunchback include flexion-distraction, instrument-assisted manipulation, joint stretching, and resistance techniques.

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