Fun Activities To Help You Lose Weight

by Administrator 26. October 2012 13:30

Excess weight can pose serious health problems like increased blood pressure, heart ailments, diabetes, various types of cancers and many others. Unhealthy eating habits and comfortable lifestyles of today have led people to become obese and risk their health. In order to lose the extra pounds, dieting is though important, but you also need to get involved in various physical activities that can help to burn more calories. Some activities given below will help you lose weight as well as stay active and fit.

  • Bicycling –Bicycling is a favorite pastime of many people. This activity is a great option for exercising your body muscles, while breathing in fresh air. If you ride a bike for more than half an hour in the morning you will not only burn enough calories but will also help in building a strong cardiovascular system.
  • Jogging or Walking – Jogging or brisk walking in the morning and evening is a great way to stay fit and active. These physical activities tone the muscles, relieve stress, exercise the muscles of heart and lungs and hence help in building strong circulatory and respiratory systems. Apart from that, these activities also make you look good.
  • Swimming –Another exercise that will help you to stay in shape is swimming. You can obviously join a club or gymnasium that has aquatic centers, in case you don’t own a pool. The water aerobics classes that are often taught at these centers along with swimming help you tone up your body muscles and loose considerable weight.
  • Tennis–Playing tennis is not only a fun sport, also a great way to exercise. This sport activity does not need you to be an expert player. Striking the ball with your racket and running here and there help you to lose weight as well as strengthen the cardiac muscles. 
  • Dancing –You will not only lose weight but also enjoy when you move your body on the floor to any music.

Chiropractic specialists claim that chiropractic has effective measures in weight loss management. They claim that chiropractic care including spinal manipulation, massage, and a specific diet can help you lose weight. Spinal adjustments increases flexibility and help absorb essential nutrients and distribute oxygen throughout the body. Massaging the body helps enhance the muscle building capacity of the body and the fats absorbed in the tissues are also reduced. Chiropractors also advise to avoid drugs, alcoholic and caffeinated beverages in order to lose weight. They also ask to take plenty of water and natural fruit juices along with healthy, nutritious food with fewer calories. 

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The Importance Of Good Posture For Later Health

by Administrator 19. October 2012 06:32

Posture may be defined as the position which we maintain our body when we sit, stand or lie down. A good posture is the correct alignment of our skeletal structure that is supported by a proper amount of muscle tension. We do not consciously maintain a normal body posture. This work is done by several muscle groups like hamstrings and large back muscles. Along with maintaining a correct posture, these muscles also help to conserve the body balance.
A good posture affects the way we look and has an impact on our general health as well. If we adopt a good posture, it will show positive effects on our physical fitness throughout life. A proper body alignment keeps away any strain or pressure from supporting structures such as bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This is why we remain relaxed and in a flexible state. A good posture also provides us with enormous energy, less body aches. Sleeping in a correct posture improves the quality of sleep.

Changes in Posture
Our body experiences several postural changes from our everyday habits that are not always beneficial to us and might even be detrimental to our health. These changes are often associated with ageing or prolonged inactivity. Deterioration with age is normal where the cartilages of joints, knees and vertebral discs become less elastic and even stiff. These can however, be improved with proper exercise.

Effects of bad posture
While sitting in front of a computer in a hunched posture, the muscles of your neck, upper back and shoulders tightens and lead to tension headaches. A bad posture also leads to severe kyphosis (hunched back). This often causes torso collapse and effect proper breathing. A poor posture causes muscle strain that lead to severe back pains. A person who develops poor body posture often remains inactive and tired.

Chiropractic care
We can say that posture is the window to the spine. When your spine is out of alignment, it might indicate vertebral subluxation that can only be treated by a chiropractor. The vertebral subluxation is the de-positioning of spinal column that affects the spinal joints and discs. This further causes changes in the proper functioning of nerves and spinal muscles affecting various organs and glands leading to ill health. Chiropractic adjustments restore the alignment of the spine and make it function normally.

We at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness help our patients achieve the correct posture with a series of posture specific chiropractic manipulations, exercises and tractioning procedures.  For more details, you can visit us at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548 or call us at (254) 698-1600.

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Chiropractic Treatment For Hip Pain

by Administrator 11. October 2012 10:11

The problem of hip pain is generally caused by an incomplete dislocation of the spine. The nerves get irritated and cause pain in the hip. This paining sensation can be a mild discomfort or an extreme pain that can limit your daily activities. Since the legs and hips support the entire body weight and also provide it strength, flexibility and mobility, it therefore is necessary to take specific treatment and cure hip pain.


  • Arthritis: Patients suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis experience chronic hip pain.
  • Tendonitis: The muscles on the hip are connected to the joint with the help of several tendons located around the hip. The overuse of these tendons may result into inflammations that cause pain in the hip region. This is called tendonitis.
  • Fractures: Hip pain can also be caused due to common causes like hip fractures or a little wear and tear of the hip bone. Elderly people often experience a hip fracture in case they fall. Patients of osteoporosis can also suffer with hip fractures. Hip pain can also be caused by stress fractures at hip joint.
  • Strains: A sudden twist or pull cause micro tears in the muscles that in turn result into muscle strains. A person is subjected to pain in the region around the hip when the muscles situated at the sides of the hip joint undergo any strain.
  • Bursitis:  Bursa is a sac that contains fluid and it is used to cushion the areas of pressure between the tendons, joints and muscles in the human body. The overuse or repetitive actions around the joints cause inflammation in the bursa and this condition is referred to as bursitis. Bursitis in the hip joint also causes severe hip pain.


The various causes of hip pain may result discomfort in your thighs, inner and outer hip joint area, groin and buttocks. A person can also experience a pain in hips that radiate from other parts of the body. Hip pain can also cause a loss in muscle strength and mobility due to which a person can’t easily run or even walk resulting to a characteristic limp.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors can greatly help in treating and preventing any disorder related to the neuro-musculoskeletal system of a human’s body. In case of hip pain, chiropractic treatment aims to reduce the painful muscle spasm, improve joint movements, and strengthen weak muscles. The chiropractor also recommends maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating good food and exercising the muscles. Various stretching and massage techniques are also incorporated in this kind of treatment that makes the muscles tender and tight. This treatment also includes mobilization techniques and manipulation of the effected joints.

For more information on chiropractic care for hip pain, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic And Wellness. We are located at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548 or call us at (254) 698-1600.

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Chiropractic Treatment For Running Injuries

by Administrator 3. October 2012 10:18

With the intense practice that is required to improve timings, injuries among athletes are not uncommon. While some of these injuries can be cured with a few sessions of physical therapy, the more severe ones require the patient to undergo chiropractic treatment. If ignored and left without rehabilitation, these injuries can lead to several complications, and in extreme cases might even result in the runner's inability to carry on with running. Running injuries can be divided into two types- traumatic, which result from the impact of falling, collision, etc., and repetitive injuries which are caused by the repeated use of the same set of muscles.

Some of the common running injuries that can be treated by chiropractic techniques include- runner's knee, shin splints, stress fracture, ITBS, ankle sprain, etc. Chiropractic treatment for these injuries focuses on rehabilitating the patient, and restoring his ability to resume running. The treatment starts with a detailed analysis of the injury, which might include an X-ray examination and other tests. This is done to determine the cause of the injury, around which the treatment is based. The first aim of the treatment is to relieve pain, after which the focus is shifted to build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

In many cases, the underlying cause of such injuries is a spinal misalignment, which can be treated by manual manipulation of the spine. The manipulation helps to correct vertebral subluxations, and also works by removing spinal irritation, hence encouraging improved flexibility and restoration of normal movement.  In case of injuries in the soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons, techniques like soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue massage, ultrasound, stretching etc. can provide relief to patients. Since chiropractic treatment does not involve any administration of drugs, it saves the patient from the side effects and potential addiction to the potent pain killers prescribed for running injuries.

Chiropractors also suggest some preventive measures to the patients, to avoid future injuries. These include wearing shock-absorbing shoes during training, encouraging minimum impact through heel toe landing, using sports taping and custom-made orthotics, making dietary modifications, etc. In this way, this treatment is holistic, and focuses on eliminating the problem from its root cause, instead of merely focusing on the symptoms. Along with strengthening the affected area, chiropractic treatment for running injuries also boosts overall coordination, control, and muscle strength, resulting in the optimal functioning of the joints and muscles, as well as the nervous system.

If you are seeking a chiropractor in Killeen, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Nolanville, Belton, Lampasas or Gatesville, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness. We are located at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548. You can also call us at (254) 698-1600.

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