Chiropractic Care For Vertigo

by Administrator 27. June 2012 07:20

Vertigo is a broad term that is used to describe different forms of dizziness. Patients experience a variety of symptoms, which include a spinning sensation, lightheadedness, nausea, balance problems and a false perception of movement. Vertigo can stem from underlying health conditions, which include ear disease, head trauma, neck trauma, and nervous system disturbances. Chiropractic treatment has gained popularity for the treatment of the condition in chronic sufferers.

It works by correcting the misalignment in the cervical vertebrae, which are usually affected in patients with the condition.  The realignment of these vertebrae is efficient in curing most types of vertigo, especially those that arise due to trauma.  The first step in the treatment of vertigo by chiropractic methods is the identification of the affected joints in the upper neck region. These vertebrae have a direct effect on the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain, and are responsible for the generation of false perceptions of movement and imbalance. Known as cervicogenic vertigo, 90% of the cases of this vertigo are treated with chiropractic techniques.

Another major cause of vertigo is the accumulation of debris in the vestibulocochlear system of the inner ear. This affects the fluid-filled tubes and the hair sensors, which have a key role in maintaining the body’s balance and transmitting signals to the brain. A chiropractic technique known as the Epley Maneuver is adopted in patients with this type of vertigo. This technique shifts the position of the debris, leading to a restoration of the correct transmission of signals in the inner ear.

There are certain exercises that are included in the chiropractic treatment of vertigo, which target the vestibulocochlear system, along with focusing the awareness of the mind and body on balance. When the C1 vertebra of the patient is being corrected using chiropractic techniques, the pressure on the upper spinal cord and brain stem is lifted, which increases the efficiency of the nervous system. On the other hand, if this subluxation is left untreated, the brain stem remains under pressure, and this affects the ability of the nervous system to coordinate movements in the body, which in turn causes vertigo.

With chiropractic manipulation of the atlas, the communication between the brain and the body is restored, and this helps to correct vertigo. Hence, chiropractic care for vertigo is not limited to vertigo caused by trauma, and can be equally effective in other types of the disorder as well.

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Epilepsy And Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 19. June 2012 09:18

Chiropractic care is thought of as a treatment that is reserved to cure back and neck ache. However, the extensive nature of treatment offered by this popular practice is no short of amazing. Research on the efficacy of chiropractic care in the treatment of epilepsy has been long-running, and there have been several documented studies of people who have experienced a significant reduction in the intensity as well as frequency of seizures.

Patients who undergo neurological treatment for epilepsy are usually administered with a large number of drugs that they need to consume every day. These drugs are accompanied by severe side effects, and greatly affect the quality of life of patients. Chiropractic care for epilepsy, on the other hand, is a completely drug-free approach, which focuses on the cause of the disease, instead of just the symptoms. The underlying cause of epilepsy is purely neurological, which is why the prime focus of any treatment for the disease needs to be the nervous system.

The chiropractic treatment for this disease works by identifying and correcting the subluxations in the spine of the patient, which are basically regions of miss-aligned spinal vertebrae. By doing so, the tension on the adjoining nerves is relieved, which helps the nervous system in its recovery from seizures. This process is a gradual one, and might take up to six weeks for effects to become visible. However, as opposed to the treatment of the disease by drugs, the effects of chiropractic cure are sustainable and long-term, and have no side effects.

When the subluxations remain undiagnosed in a patient, they apply stress on the adjoining nerves, ligaments, blood vessels, and tissues. This has a direct impact on the way nerve impulses are signaled to the brain. The improper transmission of nerve impulses from the affected group of nerves results in a seizure. The chiropractor diagnoses these subluxations with the help of a through physical examination, followed by an EMG scan of the back. Once they are treated, the nerves and the vertebrae are restored to their original positions, and hence alleviate seizures.

Accidents and physical trauma are often found to be the reason why these subluxations arise, which explains why most patients with seizures began experiencing them after such an episode. Some patients experience relief from seizures after the realignment of the Atlas, while for some, spinal decompression relieves the pressure on the nerves. Your chiropractor will identify the treatment that is best suited to your case, and guide you on how effective chiropractic care is likely to be for you.

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Chiropractic Care For Allergies

by Administrator 12. June 2012 11:01

If you thought that chiropractic treatment was all about curing neck and back disorders, it is time to update your knowledge. Recent research has established the efficacy of chiropractic treatment in alleviating allergies of various types. The central focus of chiropractic treatment remains the spinal region, which is believed to be the center of good health.

By curing the spine of dislocations in the vertebrae, which are commonly referred to as subluxations, the pressure on the adjacent nerves is relieved. This in turn leads to strengthening of the nervous system’s responses, which have a direct impact on the immune system. Since allergies are caused when the immune system fails to function properly, by strengthening the immune system, the chiropractic practitioners are able to cure the patients of allergies.

Another proposed mechanism of how chiropractic treatment works in patients with allergies, is that the nerve supply to the lungs is strengthened. This improves the body’s reflexes in responding to allergens, hence relieving the respiratory discomfort that commonly accompanies allergic reactions.

The main reason why patients encounter repeated allergies is that the misalignment in the spinal vertebrae causes the nerves to be impinged, which then imparts pressure on the nervous system. Since the nervous system is the nucleus of all the physiological systems in our body, when it is under stress, this affects all the bodily functions.

A chiropractic practitioner manipulates the spine to restore the original positions of the vertebrae. This causes the previously compressed nerves to be released, and in this way, the functioning of the nervous system is restored. Thus, the body is able to neutralize the allergens, and hence protect itself from an allergic reaction.

Boosting the functioning of the immune system also has several other profound effects on the patient’s overall health. It attacks the abnormal cells in the body, such as those that are cancerous; fights infections; is resistant to allergens; and is safeguarded from illness.

In some patients, the reason for repeated infections and allergens is found to be a cervical injury, which they might have contracted during a previous accident or trauma. Chiropractic treatment is used to treat this misalignment, and hence restore the vertebrae in the upper cervical region to their original position.

Chiropractic treatment is being preferred over conventional anti-allergy drugs, since unlike these drugs, it focuses on the cause of the disease, and not just on the symptoms. Moreover, it is free from all the side effects that accompany long-term administration of anti-histamines, the most common anti-allergy medication.

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Curve Restoration Traction

by Administrator 5. June 2012 11:34

With a sedentary lifestyle becoming the norm, subluxation, or structural dislocation of the spine is an increasingly common health disorder. While nearly each one of us suffers from impaired function due to subluxations to a certain extent, it is when this problem becomes severe that we need medical intervention. The most common indication of a dislocated spinal curve is a forward head posture, in which the head appears to be protruding in front of the body.

The mechanism of how this works can easily be understood by comparing the spine to a chain. When we sit for prolonged periods in an incorrect posture, the spinal curve gets distorted, and moves forward. This creates an elongation of the vertebrae in the neck region, which not just leads to an unsightly hunch, but is also accompanied by various other abnormalities, which include neck pain, back pain, headaches, stiffness and tightness in the neck and back region.

While an improper posture and a sedentary lifestyle are the leading causes of this disorder, it might also be a result of accidents or traumas in some cases. Whatever may be the cause and extent of the forward carriage of your spine, you can get back your natural posture with the help of an advanced chiropractic technique known as curve restoration traction. Since the problem arises due to purely physical reasons, it is understandable for the treatment to be physical as well, with allopathic medicines being unable to offer any more relief than pain suppression.

Curve restoration traction involves a series of contractions and manipulations in the affected region of the spine, which are performed along with the use of a traction machine, to achieve the desired results. This treatment can either be performed by chiropractor, or by the patients, at their home, depending on the physical condition of the patient, as well as their personal preference. It usually takes a few sessions performed over regular intervals for the spinal curve to be completely restored.

Even though this might be accompanied with some pain and discomfort initially, the final result is not only cosmetically appealing, but also physiologically beneficial. To make the most out of your curve restoration traction, you should ask your chiropractic practitioner about a measured standard that he shall provide during the course of your treatment, for you to be able to gauge the progress being made.

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