Chiropractic Care For Bunions

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Bunions are an abnormality in the feet, in which the joint that connects the big toe to the rest of the foot becomes enlarged, leading to the outward bending of the bone. This is accompanied by pain and inflammation. The medical term for this condition is hallux valgus, and the disorder affects women 10 times more than men. The two major abnormalities in this condition are the misalignment of the big toe and the development of extra bone tissue. The joint involved in bunions is the metatarsophalangeal joint, which is the joint at the base of the big toe. In a less common condition, referred to as a tailor’s bunion, the affected joint might be the one at the base of the smallest toe.


  • The most common cause of bunions is ill-fitting footwear. Shoes that are too tight, tapered towards the toes, or high-heeled increase the chance of developing bunions.
  • In younger individuals, the disorder might be caused by a genetic predisposition to the condition.
  • A congenital abnormality in bone structure of the feet
  • Nerve abnormalities that affect the feet
  • Injuries to the feet
  • An underlying medical condition like rheumatoid arthritis, flat feet etc.
  • Prolonged abnormal motion using the feet, as in ballet dancing and gymnastics

Chiropractic management of bunions:

The chiropractic treatment of bunions is rapidly gaining popularity, and is one of the most effective ways of managing pain without invasion, or the administration of drugs. The treatment involves the application of chiropractic principles for the mobilization of the joints affected by bunions. This helps to remove the stiffness in these joints, which is the major cause of pain in patients with bunions. With the gentle mobilization and manipulation of the affected joints in all six planes of motion, the pain significantly reduces.

Another major cause of pain and inflammation in patients with bunions is the inflammation of the bursa, a fluid-filled sac between the affected bones. This condition, known as bursitis, is addressed with the help of certain physical therapy modalities. These include warm hydrotherapy and light traction, which are useful in decreasing inflammation and increasing the range of motion of the joints. Chiropractic treatment is especially useful in reducing discomfort in patients following surgery. Even though it does not alter the abnormal joint, it helps the patient in coping with the disorder, by reducing pain, and enhancing flexibility.

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Nutrition Recommendations For Kids

by Administrator 19. March 2012 10:46

What you decide to put on your child’s platter goes a long way in determining not just their physical health, but also their mental development. The most common mistake that parents make is that of force-feeding young children, in an attempt to fulfill their calorie/ nutritional  requirements. However, what you, as a parent need to know, is that children have an auto-regulated mechanism of getting enough food, which is why you do not need to run behind your little one forcing her to finish her meal.

If you are confused about whether or not your child’s nutritional requirements are being met, the simple ‘rule of four’ should help to make things easy. All that you need to do is ensure that the following four food groups are covered in your child’s diet everyday:

  • Whole wheat grains and starch-rich foods- This category includes foods rich in carbohydrates, like whole wheat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, barley etc. These foods are a rich source of fiber, minerals and vitamins, and also provide your child with the much needed energy.
  • Fruits and veggies- Rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables must form an essential component of every child’s daily diet. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables over juices, and try to include one serving of either in each meal. This food group is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Milk and dairy products- Milk is a rich source of calcium, which is essential for the growth and development of bones and teeth. The basic rule for the amount of milk to include in a child’s diet is 2 cups/day for children aged 1-8, and 3 cups/day for those aged 9-18. Low-fat milk, low-fat yoghurt and healthy dairy alternatives like ricotta and cheese are a great option for young children. However, for children under the age of five, full-fat milk is appropriate.
  • Meat, Fish and Protein-Rich foods- Try to include fish as an entrée regularly in your child’s meals. Lean meat is a rich source of protein. Other healthy alternatives are soya, legumes, pulses, beans and eggs.

Along with these four essential food groups, make sure that your child’s diet includes just enough fat. This is especially important for under-fives, who need a sufficient amount of fat in their diet for their proper growth and development. Start with a high-fat, low-fiber diet for young children, gradually decreasing the amount of fat, and increasing the fiber as they grow.

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Chiropractic Care For Bursitis

by Administrator 12. March 2012 10:30

Bursitis, as the name suggests, is the inflammation of the ‘bursa’. The bursa is a connective tissue that is located between the bones, muscles and tendons. This tissue is made of several sacs filled with a lubricating fluid known as synovial fluid, which provides cushioning to the bones. The term bursa is derived from the Latin world for purse, due to the purse-like appearance of this tissue. Bursae are present all over the body, with the body having a total of 160 bursae. When the bursae around any joint get inflamed, movement in that joint becomes painful and restricted.

  • Symptoms:
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Fever
  • Restrained movement
  • Increased temperature around the affected joint

The two major causes of bursitis are infection and injury. However, it can also be caused as the result of an underlying health condition like gout, scleroderma, or rheumatoid arthritis.

Chiropractic care:

Chiropractic treatment has been found effective in alleviating the symptoms of the disease, identifying its underlying cause, and completely curing it. When combined with other precautions like the use of icepacks, rest to the joint, protection of the affected area etc., this treatment completely eradicates the use of conventional medication like painkillers or steroids, which have several side-effects.

The treatment does not merely focus on the affected area, but instead employs an overall window of treatment. According to chiropractic principles, the root-cause of every disease lies in the misalignment of the spine. By correcting this, the disease can be treated to a significant extent, depending on its intensity. In case of bursitis, which starts as a mild disorder, the beginning of chiropractic treatment can stop the progress of the disease, and cure it completely.

Along with focusing on the key concerns of pain management, facilitation of movement, and reduction of inflammation, the chiropractic treatment of bursitis also focuses on other major health aspects that are affected by the disease. The principal one of these is the distortion of posture. When any of our body’s joints is affected, it has a direct impact on the way we walk, as we unconsciously try to avoid applying pressure on that joint. This has a long-term effect on our posture, which ultimately results in other secondary problems like back ache. Chiropractic treatment, by addressing the problem of incorrect posture, keeps us safe from a variety of complications, while also working on bursitis.

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Improve Your Posture With Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 2. March 2012 07:17

The first thing that gets noticed about anyone is his posture. Posture is believed to be a reflection of one’s state of mind, and is a key factor of an individual’s personality. Despite making a conscious effort to straighten one’s back and ‘square’ the shoulders, correcting a distorted posture isn’t as easy as it seems. After all, considering the fact that the damage has been done over a period of several years of slouching and hunching, it is only fair that you go that extra mile to get back your straight back.

You will be amazed at how different you feel with a good posture, and it will also be beneficial for your overall health, as it aligns all the internal organs correctly. The major effect of this is witnessed in breathing, which becomes deeper and longer, resulting in a multitude of benefits.

The various symptoms that can accompany incorrect posture are-

  • Muscle tension
  • Joint pain
  • Stress headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

The main focus of chiropractic cure for any disease is aligning the spine correctly, with the help of manual techniques. Considering that an incorrect posture is a direct manifestation of a spine that isn’t correctly aligned, chiropractic techniques are found to be highly effective in correcting posture. The major practice used in correcting the posture is the shoulder retraction technique. This technique is focused in aligning the head and neck with the spinal column, and is effective in relaxing the tightened pectoral muscles.

Another common technique devised from chiropractic principles, which is efficient in correcting the posture is the reverse shoulder shrugs. This simple technique reverses stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and gradually works towards an improved posture. Chronic muscle fatigue and stress, which are commonly encountered predicaments in the era of sedentary, office jobs, results in neck craning and anterior head carriage, which can be painful, as well as dangerous. This simple technique, which can easily be performed in a few minutes in an office environment, combats both these symptoms, resulting in an improved posture.

The muscles that are most severely affected by an incorrect posture are those in the upper cervical spine region. The chiropractic exercise, named the repetitive chin tuck focuses on these muscles, relaxes them, and hence alleviating the symptoms like headaches, that result from the chronic tension in them. This simple technique, if repeated 10 times each day, can drastically improve one’s posture.

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