Chiropractic Care For Tourette’s Syndrome - A Case Study

by Administrator 26. August 2011 04:26

Most of the people think of chiropractic care in terms of relief from neck and back pain. However, for a long time, chiropractors have advocated the health benefits that the patients have received for a number of ailments. According to a case study published in the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health, chiropractic care has shown to benefit people from Tourette’s syndrome.

The study involved a 20 year old female who was showing the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome from the age of three. Tourette’s syndrome is a condition marked by uncontrollable and unwanted movements of some vocalizations and body parts, known as vocal and motor tics. The girl showed signs of irrepressible throat clearing and gusting of air from her nose. She also suffered from facial muscle contractions, rapid eye blinking, shaking of the whole body and severe and frequent headaches.

This patient and her family did not want to go for the conventional treatment for Tourette’s syndrome. She went to seek chiropractic help which revealed that she had vertebral subluxations. A subluxation can be defined as a misalignment in the spine that disrupts the normal functioning of the nervous system. Most of the chiropractors have unique non invasive technology that enables them to carry out Surface Electromyography (sEMG) test that help to locate the presence of such conditions.

In this particular case, the cause of the vocal and motor tics in the Tourette's syndrome (TS) was unknown. Having known that TS is a condition that arises from the supraspinal structures, and in this case, caused by stress, it was possible to establish a common mechanism with a realistic backing.

Chiropractic care was given to the patient for 32 visits over a period of one year. Significant decreases in the severity and length of the vocal and motor tics of the patient was reported. The frequent headaches that she experienced were also reduced. Thus, through this case study, it was established that chiropractic care can significantly help in Tourette’s syndrome.

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Chiropractic Treatment For Degenerative Disc Disease

by Administrator 17. August 2011 13:06

Degenerative disc disease can be a result of a number of underlying problems. The symptoms may include a pain or a stiffness of certain areas of the back or neck. This can cause a host of problems in day to day functioning. Chiropractic treatment is usually aimed at correcting subluxations in the spinal column so that the disease can be rooted out on a permanent basis. This also helps to provide pain relief to a considerable extent. An X ray is required to be done in order to assess the existence of degenerative disc disease. It is very important to get proper treatment done to correct this ailment if you do not wish for the pain to get worse over time due to further damage that may accumulate over time.

When it comes to chiropractic care, every patient is treated as a separate individual and the reasons that may be causing this ailment tend to differ from person to person. Chiropractic doctors first assess the exact cause of the disease before starting with appropriate treatment. Sometimes, a shift or damage to the spine may be a direct cause of the disc disease while at other times, direct problems in the discs like thinning or thickening may be causing aches and pains.

Chiropractic care consists of application of pressure on the affected area that is done over a span of several sessions. Each session may last from thirty minutes to an hour depending on the kind and degree of treatment required. The best thing about seeking chiropractic therapy instead of going in for surgery to treat degenerative disc disease is that there is absolutely no recovery period. Even after a few sessions, a patient can observe a significant reduction in pain and an increased mobility.

Chiropractic doctors are of the belief that degenerative disc diseases arises out of problems in the neck and back region and aim at correcting them in order to help patients recover. Each person may show different problems in these regions. So, chiropractic therapy is customized to suit individual needs there being no uniform system of treatment. The treatment process is altered in the case of each person once the problem has been thoroughly assessed.

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Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure

by Administrator 10. August 2011 10:40

WebMD published an article(March 2007) on making use of chiropractic care to cut down blood pressure on the basis of a research study that was held at the Chicago Medical Centre in the same year. The article can be found in the March issue of the Journal of Human Hypertension. Around fifty participants who all suffered from the problem of hypertension took part in this research. The study was organized by dividing all the participants into groups consisting of twenty five members each.

The former group was provided chiropractic adjustments aimed at specific areas like the upper bone in the neck region while the latter only received a part therapy that did not consist of any such chiropractic adjustments. However, the participants were given no knowledge of whether they were receiving actual chiropractic adjustments or not as all of them received force administration on specific areas of the body half of which were not real chiropractic therapy.

The study comprising of real and fake adjustments lasted over a period of eight weeks after which the researchers evaluated the results. It was found that the group that received actual chiropractic adjustments showcased a significant decrease in their blood pressure levels compared to those that did not. There was a 14 mm Hg greater decrease in the systolic blood pressure and an 8 mm Hg reduction in the diastolic blood pressure level in these patients when compared to those who did not receive actual chiropractic care. Systolic blood pressure refers the upper limit of the blood pressure while diastolic signifies the lower limit.

At the end of the study period, X-rays were also employed in order to know for sure that the results gathered from the experimental study were indeed correct. It was assessed whether the position of the Atlas vertebrae showed a change after the chiropractic adjustments were administered to the patients as the change in its position is said to lower blood pressure. It was thus established that an alteration in the position of the said vertebrae indeed caused a decrease in hypertension levels and helped eliminate this ailment to a great extent.

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Benefits Of Maintenance Chiropractics - A Case Study

by Administrator 3. August 2011 15:33

A study featured in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in October 2004 studied the effects of maintenance chiropractic therapy on those who had also received the treatment earlier. The results established that such type of follow up chiropractic care resulted in further help to patients and lead to a significant decrease in problems and physical disabilities.

Thirty patients having considerable back related problems took part in this study and were initially divided into two parts. One part was given thorough chiropractic treatments that summed up to as much as twelve sessions in a single month. After this period, the same group was also given one session in three weeks for a period of around nine months. On the other hand, the patients who formed a part of the second group did not receive any exhaustive chiropractic treatment during the first month of the study. They however received intensive treatment in the second month.They were not provided any kind of follow up maintenance treatment. After this experiment, both the groups of patients were assessed to find out the results experienced by them.

It was found out that after receiving thirty days of exhaustive chiropractic treatments, patients of both groups showcased a considerable decrease in the degree of pain suffered by them. But, after this period had passed, only the patients who received follow up care experienced further reduction in their pain levels.

In this study, a form consisting of several questions was distributed among patients and the answers provided by them were considered to assess their pain levels. There were ten elements provided related to different areas of functional abilities of patients. Only the first group showed an improvement as per the results of this questionnaire while the second group did not. The questionnaire that was used is a standard questionnaire used in such studies and is referred to as the Oswestry Disability Index.

The organizers conducting the study completed the study by stating that exhaustive chiropractic care showed results for treating lower back pain in patients suffering from it. It also concluded that maintenance care after the intensive treatment was also quite advantageous to patients and lead to further recovery.

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