Treating Herniated Disc With Chiropractics

by Administrator 23. April 2011 09:35

When a person is suffering from back pain, his routine activities turn problematic and at times even unbearable. Herniated disk is one of the reasons for the back pain. It is often referred to as ruptured disk or slipped disk. The spine comprises of bones which are buffered by small pads that are oval in shape and consist of disks or cartilage. These disks comprise of hard outer layer and soft inner layers or nucleus. 

A small portion of the nucleus comes out from a tear in the annulus in the spinal canal when a herniated disk occurs. The outcome of a herniated disk is pain, aggravation in the nerve, numbness in arms and legs and weakness in the back. Conservative treatment works considerably with a disk herniation. Surgical operation is not a wise decision for herniated disk.

Some of the symptoms of a herniated disk are weakness and numbness in the neck, lower back, chest, leg, shoulder and pain in arm, leg or back. These conditions even get worse when you sneeze, sit or cough.

You need to consult a chiropractor in case you suffer from terrible back pain ceaselessly for over a week. Back pain normally gives you trouble with your day to day activities for a week or two. The pain and irritation gets better in a time span of about four to six weeks. For people who make an effort to take rest and still see no difference in the level of the pain, need to consult a chiropractor for better treatment and quick relief.

You need to get help if your pain heightens and not lessens, if you experience numbness and weakness in your legs and if you lose control over your bowels. Many nerve roots get compressed in your spine because of herniated disks or spinal tumor. This compression is addressed as cauda equine syndrome and is quite terrible. But in case you go for chiropractic treatment at a correct time, you can get cured faster and also get relief from the pain.

To know more how Chiropractic therapy can help you with your health conditions, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness - 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548.

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Treating Depression With Chiropractics

by Administrator 15. April 2011 14:54

In the recent times, medical research and technology have significantly multiplied our knowledge about the mental illnesses such as depression. Chiropractics have been proved to be one of the holistic treatments for curbing depression. 

Chiropractors Have The Ability To Alleviate Chronic Pain, Which in Turn Relieves Depression. 

Chronic pain can cause severe anxiety and depressive symptoms over a period of time. This can ultimately reduce one’s social interaction and activity. When a person is suffering from severe depression, he or she might develop general feelings of remorse or sadness while dealing with ongoing pain. It has been noticed that with the help of proper chiropractic treatment and screening, the problem of depression can be greatly reduced. Chiropractic treatment definitely works even when the prescription and over the counter drugs and other remedies fail. 

The potency of mainstream medications like the antidepressants must not be undermined. Advocates of alternate treatments do not propose that anyone afflicted by depression should forgo mainstream mental health treatments. But when your counseling sessions are not able to break the mood, it might be the time to seek the help of Chiropractics. 

Depression, in lots of ways impact the spine, resulting in muscle tension, headaches, migraines and neck cum back pain. This pain can in turn aggravate the already present anxiety and depression in some individuals. If these symptoms sound familiar, chiropractic treatment for depression will certainly help you. Chiropractors can isolate the pain and, once it is relieved, individuals will most likely begin to feel reinvigorated. 

Depressive symptoms such as lack of energy, utmost sadness, self deprecation and rumination can often be relieved with the help of positive and curative touch, attention and human interaction -- all which are shelled out in chiropractics. 

For effective diagnosis and chiropractic treatment of depression, visit Corrective Chiropractic And Wellness. We are situated at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548. All of our chiropractors are highly dedicated and proficient when it comes to dealing with various disorders.

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The Importance Of Ongoing Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 11. April 2011 14:25


Once the chiropractor adjusts you, you normally feel that the pain has been instantly alleviated and you hence do not see the need for an additional appointment. Most of the times when people visit any Chiropractor's clinic, they are astounded when that chiropractor advises them to visit his clinic again in order to help them recover completely from their illness. 

Nevertheless, it is also observed that once the person goes back into his daily routine life that is supported by increased neck pain, headache or even back pain, he or she has to visit the Chiropractor's office for another adjustment. The crucial element to understand is that it took you years of bad postural habits to get to this stage and a chiropractic specialist requires maintaining your body to keep the proper alignment that it once had. 

One can also find many instances when people have been injured in a vehicle accident or work accident and have got a worker's compensation claim. These cases need multiple visits to make sure that the long term damage to your body is reduced as far as possible. 

For example, the same way we take care of our teeth everyday by brushing, flossing, and visiting the dental practitioner for regular checkups. It is important to take care and get regular checkups for other parts of body. A regular visit to chiropractor helps you get rid of various issues that can crop up with time. 

Chiropractic care is not only beneficial for pain relief and pain management; it also has got a multitude of other advantages. For example, an increased range of motion in your limbs enables you to take part in activities that you relish which includes tennis and skiing etc. Since you are able to enjoy those activities, you will certainly be in a better mood, thus relieving stress and bettering your overall wellness and standard of living. 

These sorts of rewards definitely do not come in the form of any medical pills. Continuing care from your local chiropractor will make sure that your body can operate at its peak performance and that you can lead your life the way you want.

For ongoing chiropractic treatment of back pain, neck pain and headaches, visit Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness. We serve places like Harker Heights, Killeen and Fort Hood areas in Central Texas.


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Bed Wetting and Chiropractics

by Administrator 4. April 2011 06:59

Bed wetting is certainly a common trouble for millions of kids and pre-teens all over the world. This problem is clinically called as "nocturnal enuresis". Bed wetting is usually as embarrassing as it is troublesome. People try out all kinds of methods in order to get rid of this issue. And yet there may be a simpler method to cure it than you might realize. This is when Chiropractics come in to help you; chiropractic therapy is a modern manipulation therapy that aims at general wellness and can get rid of some of the most common medical problems. 

The Reasons Why Kids Wet Their Bed:

It is all related to the phrenic reflex. Here is what happens to our body while sleeping: During the time we sleep, our breathing process slows down until the body's carbon dioxide levels go up high enough to actuate an instant shudder. This shudder is actually the phrenic reflex, which happens to be a spinal reflex also. Then one takes a nice deep breath, and starts breathing regularly once again. 

If the phrenic reflex is not working properly, nevertheless, rather than actuating a shudder, eminent carbon dioxide levels in the body will make the smooth muscles to loosen up. These involuntary muscles comprise of a valve at the end of the urinary bladder. In this instance, any fluid in the bladder is expelled, and the bed turns wet. 

How Can Chiropractors Help You In This? 

If the phrenic reflex is plainly underdeveloped or not yet grown, time could be the only aid. Yet often the reflex is completely developed, but it is just blocked by a vertebral misalignment cognized as subluxation. This out-of-place vertebra poses pressure on the spine and holds it from correctly responding to the usual sleeping processes. 

Chiropractic care can assist in determining whether or not your kid has a misalignment, and possibly even help your kid curb bed-wetting for good by manipulating the spine back on to the correct position. 

All of the chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic And Wellness are caring and compassionate experts, who are conscious of the embarrassment and disgrace linked with childhood and adolescent bed wetting. We try to help you as much as we can and have shown many positive results in the past too. Call us today at (254) 698-1600 to avail our services.