Autism and Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 25. January 2011 09:41

The Manchester Evening Star published a notable article in its August 2007 issue that described the life changing experience of a boy who was eight years of age and named Daniel. He was said to have gained immense benefits from chiropractic therapy.

Daniel’s parents are of the attribute the remarkable changes in their child to the useful chiropractic sessions that he underwent. They have noted remarkable progress in the way he interacts with other people apart from showcasing unprecedented development in other areas as well.

The mother of the boy has been quoted as saying that Daniel can now make use of a collection of 3 to 4 words without being prompted with queries from them. She has noted that he has started to initiate limited communication from his own side. Before his chiropractic sessions, if he needed something to eat, he would only point at the refrigerator while after a few sessions, he can put together a simple phrase to communicate this need. He is also now able to talk in a better manner with his siblings.

Apart from the above mentioned story, the article also threw light on another similar case involving a TV reporter and his son who was also suffering from autism. This case was documented on television and encouraged Daniel’s mother Susan to also obtain chiropractic treatment. She observed that the reporter’s son had more or less the same problems as her son and benefitted immensely from chiropractic therapy. She had begun to be quite concerned with the slow development showcased by Daniel and wanted to give this alternative treatment a try. Apart from helping with communication problems, she hoped to get help for his bodily stance and the way he carried himself too.

There have been many documented cases in which children suffering from autism have shown dramatic improvements and become normal children after undergoing chiropractic therapy. In a major study consisting of fourteen subjects, twelve out of them completely became autism free. This gives credence to the increasing notion that chiropractic therapy is an effective treatment for this condition. Although it is not a fool proof cure and can show different results for different people, Daniel’s mother has remarked that it can at least help get rid of numerous symptoms associated with the disease ad make the life of an affected child better.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger For Chiropractic

by Administrator 17. January 2011 13:21

The tenth Annual Symposium on Natural Fitness of the International Chiropractor’s Association that took place in February 2002 once again had Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main speaker. Arnold gave a detailed account of the chiropractic treatment that he underwent and spoke positively about this alternative science. He acknowledged the immense benefits he received in terms of his bodily fitness and overall health as a result of chiropractic sessions.

Along with Arnold, a host of other past and current sportspersons stated that chiropractics is capable of enhancing performance and plays a major role in helping one remain fit. Chiropractic therapy eliminates any kind of obstruction in the nervous system which enables the body to function ideally. The nerves play an important role in the overall health of an organism as all functions are controlled by it. Participants of athletic events comprehend the multiple benefits that can accrue when their body is performing to its full capacity.

The host of this annual event was Arnold Schwarzenegger this year apart from other notable personalities from the sporting world. Mr. Lee Haney was also among who is credited with being a much sought after star from the field of sports. He has also been a part of a previous ICA Symposium event and this was his second time. One remarkable achievement that he holds is that of retaining the Mr. Olympia body building title for no less than eight years. He has also defeated Arnold who has won the same title seven times. Mr. Haney now holds a high position of Chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. He has used his prominence and power to encourage chiropractics and the advantages it provides for health.

Mr. Arnold shared the following words with those present:

"Chiropractic is about health and fitness and there is such a strong relationship between the two. This is why I'm so excited to have the chiropractors here from all over the world each year, because you represent exactly the same thing. Chiropractic is about health and fitness. Chiropractic is about natural, preventive health care. It can help families be healthier and also spend time together doing something important to all their lives. What we're trying to do is not just promote the sport of bodybuilding, but fitness and health. Fitness, for us, is everything in a naturally healthy lifestyle. So that's why it is so great for us to work together."

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Behavioral Changes and Chiropractic Care, A Case Study

by Administrator 10. January 2011 18:20

In the year 2006, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a study narrating the treatment process of a boy who was suffering from a variety of learning and attitudinal problems. This study involving a boy eight years of age formed a part of the October issue of the magazine. The concerned boy also showcased physiological distress including pain in the neck, red eyes, recurring stomach ache and lack of coordination. After visiting a number of medical practitioners, no proper assessment regarding the condition could be made.

The cause of these changes was attributed to a major fall that he had suffered around eighteen months ago. The onset of these changes occurred only after this particular accident. On seeing a chiropractor, it was found that there was restricted movement in the neck area due to certain blockages and soreness of the vertebra on the neck. X ray examinations also established that subluxations related to the vertebrae were present. There was chiropractic treatment advised to correct these ailments.

The treatment was initially restricted to a single session on a weekly basis. This program was adhered to for a period of two months. The situation improved dramatically in the early stages itself. After three weeks, the boy was subjected to a spelling test in which he performed fairly well. There was a dramatic progress in his learning abilities. He went on to score all correct answers out of the ten questions after as little as two chiropractic adjustments. His instructors assessed better concentration and coordination in the boy.

There was also immense psychological improvement as the boy improved in terms of his socializing skills as well. A point to be noted in this particular case was that there was absolutely no medicine administered. Although the exact cause of the positive results could not be determined, it was found that all the improvement that took place was solely a result of the chiropractic sessions. There was extreme progress academically and he continued to fare well in all learning ability tests. It was thus established in this case study that chiropractic treatment could have far reaching consequences in such cases where the victim has suffered an injury or fall.

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Vertigo Helped With Chiropractic According To Study

by Administrator 3. January 2011 21:37

The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a research study in its November 2006 issue that proved the advantages of undergoing chiropractic therapy by people suffering from vertigo. Sixty subjects who have vertigo were subjected to chiropractic therapy and the outcome of this treatment was recorded and printed in the journal.

People experiencing vertigo tend to be affected by light headedness and a feeling of being spun around. As a side effect to this condition, they may also feel like they are moving round and round and undergo nausea. Loss of balance and falling down is also quite common among such patients. Generally, anyone who shows these symptoms is diagnosed with vertigo. Certain tests related to the nervous system may also be conducted for better diagnosis.

Fifty six patients in the present study reported that they underwent a kind of physical distress before they started suffering from the above mentioned vertigo symptoms. Twenty five of them were reported to have been involved in road accidents while sixteen had been victims of a sports related injury. Six of them had at some point in their lives had accidents on ice. The affected areas for them were the neck and the head.

The first assessment revealed that vertebral subluxations were present in all the subjects. State of the art methods like digital infrared imaging and radiography were employed to arrive at conclusive results in this regard.

Customized chiropractic therapy techniques were applied to all the patients. It was found that each of them reacted in an optimistic manner to the treatment process. However, the time taken to produce results in each case differed from one to six months. In a period spanning over six months, forty eight patients totally recovered from this ailment while the remaining showed massive progress. All of them experienced fewer bouts of dizziness and feelings of spinning after sessions of chiropractic therapy.

The author of this research concluded that there was a significant relation between injuries of the neck and the development of vertigo symptoms. Chiropractic therapy was shown to improve these symptoms and completely treat it in some cases.

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