Study Shows Chiropractic Better Than Muscle Relaxants for Low Back Pain

by Administrator 28. December 2010 10:49

The Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics featured a research on the comparison between muscle relaxants and chiropractic care in their July/August issue of 2004. This study was focused on those affected with intense lower back ache.

They experienced sub-acute back ache that lasted over a period ranging from two to twelve weeks. It was found during the course of the study that around seventy five to eighty five percent of the American population was known to suffer from this ailment at least once in their lifetime. Annually, fifteen to twenty percent of American adults experienced lower back ache.

Life University situated in Georgia was host to a related study in which 192 participants were involved. For the purpose of this experiment, they were divided into 3 different groups one of which underwent chiropractic adjustments. The second one took muscle relaxants and underwent faux chiropractic care. The last group received neither of the two but believed to receive both in the form of placebos and fake chiropractic care. After every two weeks, an assessment of the patients was made.

These evaluations were made on the basis of the pain experienced, the amount of disability and the state of mind of the patients. The motor skills and ability to move freely along with elasticity were also considered. If any of them was using Tylenol, this was also taken into account. The results of this study were astounding and showed the first group receiving chiropractic therapy to be showing marked improvement in the levels of pain that could be easily distinguished from the remaining two in terms of the incomparable progress made. When it came to disability, elasticity and depressive symptoms, all groups were found to be more or less at the same level and all of them showed development.

The authors who conducted and recorded this study did admit that perhaps an experiments spanning over a relatively more time could be more conclusive in terms of the effects in different areas. However, it was also duly noted that when it comes to chronic pain, there was nothing that could replace chiropractic therapy.

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Chiropractic Therapy Helps Sports Injury Patient

by Administrator 20. December 2010 07:42

In the year 2004, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics published the story of a boy seventeen years of age; who was involved in a severe sports related injury. He was said to have damaged his neck by falling head first from a significant height while pole vaulting as a part of a high school track meet.

Right after the accident, the boy started to experience bouts of extreme pain in the neck and in the lower part of his head. Apart from these, he also suffered from frequent migraine attacks and back-ache that left him feeling quite weak due to their severity. After a few days, another symptom showcased itself and he began to lose consciousness as much as four times in a single day.

This state continued for around half a year after which he began to show signs of being depressed. He had feelings of despair and a complete absence of any care of himself along with disturbed sleep. He did not eat much and became quite complacent. He would sometimes sleep for more than fourteen hours and on other days, he was not able to sleep at all.

More than twenty medical practitioners were visited and a variety of different medications were tested on him none of which seemed to show any significant results as the consequence of which the boy began to experiment with prohibited drugs. He soon found himself in the middle of a dangerous addiction and was enlisted in a rehab program out of which he came out clean. After this, a chiropractor was consulted for his problems who detected subluxations in the upper part of his neck. The chiropractor sought to lower the nerve pressure and began to make corrections in his neck in the therapy sessions.

As soon as thirty days from the start of chiropractic therapy, there was a notable lack of a number of symptoms like fainting spells, disturbed sleep that were observed in the boy. The frequency of headaches came down considerably. He gradually began to recover and gain back his health. After around seven months, there were absolutely no visible signs of his ailment and he was deemed to be cured enough to function normally.

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Chiropractic Helps Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes Case Study

by Administrator 13. December 2010 10:51

An issue of the scientific magazine called the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation reported an interesting case of a man who was said to be suffering from the early stages of diabetes mellitus. This case was published in December 2006 and told the story of a man, forty eight years of age in whom this problematic disease was detected after the conventional blood as well as urine tests. His assigned doctor confirmed the presence of the disease as mentioned in his case files.

The man in his bid to look for alternative options to injecting insulin into his blood started looking around for other treatments and stumbled upon chiropractic therapy as one of the effective ways to reduce the effects of this life changing disease. Statistics from previous periods and different case studies showed that many diabetic patients have had remarkable recoveries from diabetes mellitus after incorporating chiropractic therapy in their treatment process. In this case, chiropractic therapy can include the prescription of healthy vitamins appropriate for this particular condition, sessions of acupuncture on areas that are linked to the disease and a proper exercise regimen.

The concerned patient underwent chiropractic therapy for the adjustments of subluxations and considerable changes in his diet were made with there being a boost in the proteins and other supplements that he was advised to consume. Apart from this, regular exercise routine was also established.

Within one month of the initiation of chiropractic care the indicators used to monitor corrections of subluxations showed improvement. In conjunction with this the patient's physician noted that the patient's blood and urine sugar levels were also balanced. He continued to have his condition monitored and it was determined that he would not need insulin at that time, or in the immediate future if his condition continued to maintain itself.

In as little as a month of the beginning of the chiropractic therapy, there was observed a great progress in the subuxations that were corrected to a large extent. The blood and urine sugar levels also drastically aligned themselves and seemed to be that of a healthy person. His health was carefully monitored and it was decided whether he would require insulin in the coming years depending on his condition.

Although chiropractic therapy is not an alternative to normal medical treatments, it is a useful aid that helps bring about a positive change in the health of the patient by bringing down a number of conditions that may plague a diabetic person and come as a part and parcel of the disease.

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Chiropractic Helps Child With Seizures - A Case Study

by Administrator 6. December 2010 15:22

In a recent issue, The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics featured the story of a young child who was facing a rather disrupted life due to frequent seizures and showed significant improvement after receiving chiropractic therapy.

The patient was a child who was five months of age and was said to have frequent bouts of crying along with negligible sleep and around eight seizures on an average day. The child had in the preceding months also had a surgical procedure to seal the sutures that were present on the left part of his head. The child also had an abnormal slant of his head toward the left side and was unable to position his neck or head towards the right.

When the child began to receive chiropractic care, the first session for assessment was quite problematic as he was immensely pained and cried the whole time. It was found out that there were troubles in mainly three regions i.e. the middle part of the back, the lower part of the spine and the neck.

The child received appropriate chiropractic therapy suitable to his particular condition for few weeks. As early as the first session, there were dramatic improvements noticed and a complete stop to the seizures was observed. There was only one minor relapse into seizures after a few weeks but it did not re-occur and his health kept on showing drastic progress.

Into the sixth week, the child regained health and did not develop even a single seizure. He was able to have a long, undisturbed sleep during the night and was also consuming enough nutrition as per his age. He now began to develop into a healthy, young boy just like other normal child. The author who presented this case on paper, Nancy Brown, brought to light a notable fact that conventional systems of medication end up at suppressing both the normal as well as abnormal electrical impulses that arise with the onset of a seizure. However, chiropractic therapy seems to have found ways to only keep the abnormal impulses at bay while letting the normal electrical impulses function uninterrupted.

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