Chiropractic Care Helps Patient With Multiple Sclerosis

by Administrator 30. August 2010 21:07

According to a recent study published in Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), a patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis was helped and relieved with Chiropractic care. According to the study, the patient, a woman of 47 years of age, experienced the symptoms (like cognitive problems and loss of bladder control) of Multiple Sclerosis at 44 years of age. She first visited Neurologist, who after seeing multiple lesions on MRI results (MS Plaques) diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis.

Two years later her condition got even worse with weakness in legs and parenthesis in her arms and legs. As her condition continued to get worse, her Neurologist recommended drug therapy. Her condition was diagnosed to be of “Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis”. At this junction, the patient decided to take Chiropractic treatment for the same.

The patient’s history included a fall around 10 years prior to the onset of symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Through medical examinations and x-rays, Chiroprator found that she had subluxations in upper cervical (upper neck).  Following that her chiropractic therapy for upper cervical subluxations was begun. Regular chiropractic therapy was continued for two years. During the course of therapy, patient’s condition was constantly monitored through x-rays, thermo graphic scans, neurologist’s evaluations, MRI and patients description of symptoms.

Regular MRI studies and Neurologist check-ups showed that after just four months of chiropractic care, all Multiple Sclerosis symptoms were absent. MRI results showed reduction in intensity of original lesions while no new lesions were formed. Regular checkups after year suggested further decrease in original lesions and two years after upper cervical chiropractic care began, all Multiple Sclerosis symptoms were absent. 

The study shows how Chiropractic care can help a patient with Multiple Sclerosis. For more information and expert chiropractic treatment, visit us at Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness.

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Chiropractic Care Cures Chronic Chest Pain

by Administrator 24. August 2010 16:54

A case study published in February 2003 issue of “The Journal Of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics, (JMPT) showed that Chiropractic care can relieve patient suffering from Chronic Chest pain. According to the case study, patient - a 49 year old male (music composer by profession) while working out on a treadmill, felt pain in chest followed with difficulty in breathing.  Thinking it to be slight muscular problem the patient initially ignored it. With time as the pain grew even more severe, the patient had to visit a physician.

Patient’s Internist found the blood pressure to be 140/97 and he was diagnosed with muscular chest pain. Patient was prescribed with beta-blockers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The medication did not do any good, instead the patient felt extremely drowsy due to beta-blockers. 

Even after taking the medication, the condition of patient continued to deteriorate. Extensive tests were performed, all with negative results and patient was deemed to be normal. His heart and lung were functioning normally, but the condition of the patient kept on worsening. The chest pain branched out to upper back and patient was not able to do the daily routine jobs comfortably. He had trouble with sleeping and his condition started to affect his emotional well being.

Ultimately, the patient resorted on to Chiropractic Care. His chiropractic examination was done and it was found that the patient had subluxations. The patient was administered chiropractic therapy. Immediately after the therapy he was able to breathe much easily. The patient was put on 3-Times a week chiropractic care therapy.  The patient showed positive results for the treatment and after 14 months of chiropractic care, he was fully cured of his condition.

This study shows that Chiropractic care can be effective in treating chronic chest pain. For more information on how Chiropractic care can help you, visit us at Isdale Corrective Chiropractic clinic located at 560 E. Central Texas Expressway, Suite 102, Harker Heights, TX 76548 or call us at 254.698.1600

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Chiropractic Treatment: Curing Headaches Without Medicines

by Administrator 16. August 2010 11:23

Some have found the advantage of chiropractic treatment to assist with headaches. However, chiropractic in total is an idea to alleviate complete wellness with manipulations and massages. A lot of people have never given it a thought to ask a chiropractor to aid with their chronic headache. It has been seen that people suffering from chronic headache are increasing by the day. It can be due to their monotonous life style, sitting in front of the computer for all day long or various other factors. More chiropractors are coming across people suffering from headaches, and they are giving them a surgery and drug-free technique of pain relief.

Chiropractic is all about alleviating pain, and serving patients to live healthier, pain free lives without depending upon the medications available in the market.  Many headaches, mainly those that are chronic in nature are because of the spine near the neck being out of alignment. A chiropractor physically controls and manipulates the spine, which enhances the flow of blood and improves the posture. In addition, the Chiropractic may give a massage and a trigger point therapy together with some stretching or exercises that a patient can perform at home.

Headaches occur because of the musculoskeletal problems related with spine and neck and are within the range of the chiropractic specialty. Though many people are finding this therapy relieving due to manipulation of the spine together with massage and trigger point for several types of headaches. This is not extraordinary as the chiropractic professional looks for several ways in which to give relief to the patient rather than centering on surgeries or medications as many MD's do.

While there are many kinds of headaches, but actually they are symptoms of something else in the body. So a chiropractor may not essentially cure headaches instead; they discover the main reason of the problem and treat it to alleviate the pain. Additionally, chiropractic treatment assists in decreasing the stress and muscle strain in the neck, which in many cases is the reason for the problem.

For complete Chiropractic Care in Killeen, Harker Heights and Fort Hood, Central Texas, visit Corrective Chiropractic and Wellness clinic located in Harker Heights. Call Us today at 254-698-1600

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Chiropractic Care For Myasthenia Gravis

by Administrator 9. August 2010 16:02

Chiropractic therapy is aimed at imparting wellness by manipulations and non-medicinal procedures. We have seen patients with severe ailments benefitting from Chiropractic Therapy. Even patients with Myasthenia Gravis can be benefitted with proper Chiropractic Therapy. According to a case study published in the Manipulative Physiological Therapy Journal, Chiropractic care can help in the treatment of a patient with Myasthenia Gravis. In this case, a 2 year old girl had complaints of ptosis and generalized muscle weakness i.e. lethargy in the lower extremities.

On request and consent of her parents, the patient was provided Chiropractic care. Before starting with Chiropractic management, tests like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the brain and acetylcholine receptor antibody were performed with negative results. However, positive results were seen in the Tensilon test and a Pediatrician diagnosed Myasthenia Gravis.

During Chiropractic therapy, the patient was provided contact-specific, high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustments to sites of vertebral subluxation complexes in the upper cervical and sacral spine. Positive response to the chiropractic care encouraged her parents to continue with the treatment. After 5 months of regular therapy, her symptoms were completely resolved.

Patient’s medical reports and feedback from parents and chiropractor made it evident that pediatric problems like myasthenia gravis can be treated with the help of Chiropractic intervention.

Chiropractic treatment is very much beneficial in treating muscular ailments. For effective Chiropractic treatment and consultation for your condition visit Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness. We are located in Harker Heights, Central Texas. For appointments call us at 254-698-1600

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