Chiropractic Therapy For Relief From Neck Pain - Case Study

by Administrator 31. May 2010 11:36

The Tamworth Chiropractic Clinic reported a case regarding a 33-year old female who gained relief from chronic neck pain with the help of chiropractic care. Previously, she had been suffering from pain in her right arm and neck, with tightness in arm rotation.

Upon examination, she reported about a bad fall affecting her right shoulder about 16 years ago. This led to shoulder pain but gradually extended to her neck and left arm. When she first visited a chiropractic therapist, the patient was complaining of constant headaches. Before getting recommended for Chiropractic treatment, she had already seen a Physiotherapist and an Osteopath along with consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by her physician.

Thorough examination of the patient was done by Chiropractic expert, including pulse, sensation, muscle and reflex tests as well as blood pressure level monitoring. Apart from restricted movement in her neck and right shoulder, all other tests gave normal results. Chiropractor observed irregularity in moving some of the spinal joints. Further tests revealed irritation in the neck and arm, medically known as Chronic Traumatic Cervical Facet Irritation.

Once the diagnosis was confirmed, treatment including chiropractic manipulation was administered to her spine. Within 24 hours of the first session, the female reported of no headache and reduction in her symptoms. After several chiropractic care sessions, she experienced remarkable improvements. From ten visits for treatment, the patient got rid of 90% of her symptoms.

Her chiropractor advised the female to return for treatment if the symptoms became severe again. Since these had been prevalent for more than 16 years, it was likely for them to resurface again. In short, chiropractic therapy enabled her to gain considerable relief from stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulder.

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Treating Primary Dysmenorrhea With Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 25. May 2010 09:56

Recently, The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics has reported a case regarding the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy in treating primary Dysmenorrhea. The objective was to collect data about the drop table method, a specific Chiropractic technique.

Over a period of four weeks, the symptoms of primary Dysmenorrheal and motion restrictions of the lumbosacral spine were noted in sixteen females. Out of these, thirteen subjects were enrolled for the case study. Drop table manipulations were used thrice during each of the two menstrual cycles for treating bilateral and unilateral lumbosacral flexion and restrictions in access.

Before starting with chiropractic treatment, the females reported menstrual pain and symptoms of primary Dysmenorrheal using the Numeric Pain Scale. These ratings were utilized as primary measures for determining the outcome of the case study. With an average age of 26 years, most patients reported symptoms with duration of about 12 years.

During the initial visits, all subjects reported high level of pain in two or three anatomical sites, including lower or general abdominal pain and lower back pain. Gradual changes were witnessed by all patients as chiropractic treatment was provided. The abdominal pain and lower back pain was largely reduced while the lower abdominal pain declined according to nature of cycle.

This case study pointed out that chiropractic care can have a significant positive impact in providing relief from menstrual pain related to primary Dysmenorrhea. It can be greatly relieved by using drop table technique to treat motion segment restrictions of the lumbosacral spine.

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Chiropractic Therapy For Erb’s Palsy

by Administrator 17. May 2010 12:31

According to the Clinical Chiropractic Journal, 2008, patients with different pediatric conditions have been treated through the use of chiropractic therapy. It has also been successfully used for gaining respite from Erb’s Palsy, as indicated by the following case report.

An eight year girl was diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy. Her right arm had the deformity known as ‘waiter’s tip’. In spite of long term medical care, the patient continued to suffer from restricted motion range in the right upper extremity in the related joints. Also the muscles were not flexible as they should normally be. These problems led to negative effects on her interpersonal relations with school mates as well as other people.

When the patient was referred for chiropractic therapy, she was still suffering from the severe symptoms of Erb’s Palsy. During the initial visits, site-specific care was provided to her. In addition, girl received low amplitude, high velocity chiropractic adjustments to vertebral and extra vertebral subluxations. Also, the right upper extremity was cared for with myofascial release.

After three months of chiropractic care, the patient experienced better bilateral symmetry and muscle toning. Following these improvements, she was able to normalize activities and participate in sporting events as well, such as rock climbing. Such positive results indicated the success of chiropractic therapy in treating patients with obstetric palsy.

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Chiropractic Help For Successful Pregnancy After Repeated Miscarriages

by Administrator 10. May 2010 06:07

In a recent report published by the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, a case described the role of chiropractic care in helping a woman suffering from infertility and miscarriage.

A 27-year old woman had previously gone through two miscarriages and experienced anovulatory cycle for nine months. Before choosing to go for chiropractic therapy, she had undergone medical treatment for ulcerative colitis and infertility. Along with this, the female followed a restrictive diet. The reports also show that she had been taking birth control pills for 7 years before trying to get pregnant.

When she visited a chiropractor, the patient wanted to improve her health and get successfully pregnant. During Torque Release Technique (TRT) examination, vertebral subluxations were detected. The Integrator instrument was used to make adjustments. Initially, her visits were limited to twice a week for 30 days and then, one visit per week for the next 30 days.

Additional therapies used along with chiropractic care included stretching, audio tapes, relaxation exercises and craniosacral therapy. After 60 days, the patient witnessed improvement in her health and a normal ovulatory cycle. She became pregnant after her second cycle.

On the whole, the woman responded in a positive manner to the chiropractic care. In contrast to infertility treatment taken before, she did not undergo any stress or negative reproductive effects. The safe and non-invasive approach proved to be highly effective for successful pregnancy.

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