Controlling Hyperactivity Through Chiropractic Therapy

by Administrator 29. March 2010 08:57

The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT) has published a case study of a 5 year old child suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Diagnosed at the age of two years, the boy’s doctor recommended methylphenidate (Ritalin), Haldol and Adderall. Despite being taken over the next three years, these drugs could not deal with the child’s problems.

A chiropractor was consulted when the child was five years old. It was noted that there had been complications during the child’s birth, leading to a stay of 4 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. Other than this, the child had not been involved in any traumatic incidence, as reported by his mother.

The chiropractor conducted examination and x-rays to discern visible distortion in the spine. The boy also had subluxations, as indicated by a reversal of the normal neck curve. After these observations, chiropractic treatment was started for the child. His mother reported progress and positive changes in the child’s behavior near the twelfth visit. Remarkable improvements had been noted by the boy’s 27th chiropractic treatment visit.

The mother took the child for a medical follow up to the doctor and enquired whether Ritalin medication was required. On reviewing and examining the boy, the doctor used his experience and clinical knowledge to conclude that the child was no longer suffering from ADHD symptoms. Consequently, he stopped the medications being administered to the boy since three years.

To conclude, the author of the JMPT case study noted that the discontinuation of medicines proves that the patient’s symptoms were significantly reduced. Thus, timely and professional chiropractic therapy can help in controlling hyperactivity.

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Chiropractic Help for Learning Disorders

by Administrator 20. March 2010 12:13

Recently published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), a case study indicated that chiropractic therapy can help in dealing with learning and behavioral disorders. Apart from these ailments, the 8-year old boy suffered from severe headaches, stomach pains, neck pain, blood shot eyes, lack of coordination and ability to sit still. The child’s mother reported that no guidance or explanation was offered by their doctor.

In fact, the boy had fallen 18 months earlier, which was followed by most of his problems. Until the accident, he was reported to have normal learning skills, activity and development. Due to the medical doctor’s failure to explain the cause of such problems, the mother contacted a chiropractor.

Following examination and x-rays, the chiropractor noted restricted neck movement and certain tender neck vertebrae. The findings were reviewed to confirm the presence of vertebral subluxations and care was started to correct the same. The boy’s visits were fixed at once a week for the first two months.

The case documentation shows that positive changes occurred swiftly. The child’s spelling tests after the third adjustment were a drastic improvement over the initial performance. Prior to chiropractic care, the child could only get two or three correct out of ten due to severe learning disorders. In contrast, he scored a 100% after the second adjustment and was able to concentrate and sit still.

Reports from school continued to show improvement in the academic as well as social activities of the child. The authors of the case study noted multiple explanations for the positive results. Apart from several ‘over the counter’ medications, the boy’s mother did not report consumption of any prescribed drugs. The improvement in the boy’s learning and development skills was directly correlated with the use of chiropractic therapy.

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Abnormal Sleeping Pattern Helped By Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 14. March 2010 13:00

According to a case study published in July 2006 issue of peer-reviewed, scientific publication, The Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (JCCP), chiropractic care imparted to nine month old infant girl showed improvement in her condition of abnormal sleeping disorder.

As mentioned in the article, average sleep time for a nine month old infant girl is approximately 14 hours per day. The girl in the study has a history of disturbed sleep and fussiness. The infant was also showing signs of unsettled behavior as she was refusing to breastfeed on one side. Child was also, since birth, not turning her head towards left.

The child would start crying or move away when her neck was touched. Also reduced neck motion towards left was confirmed in examination. It was also noted that there was significant muscle tension in the left and upper neck. Appropriate course for adjustments was initiated to treat subluxations present in neck.

The study mentions that significant improvements after treatment were noted. The baby girl slept for 5 hours on that afternoon and had 2 periods of 6 hours sleep that night. During the course of treatment for next three weeks, the daytime sleep got shorter but the night time sleep remained between 6 and 8 hours.  The child also had improved neck motion range and was able to comfortably respond to sound on the left side. The baby girl also began to feed freely and comfortably.

The study concluded that chiropractic care had positive effect on baby girl in improving disturbed sleeping pattern and was able to resolve subluxations properly enabling proper range of motion of neck.

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HIV/AIDS Patients & Chiropractic Care

by Administrator 6. March 2010 13:08

One of the latest developments in the field of medicine made by science is the acknowledgment of the relationship existing between the nervous and the immune systems. AIDS i.e. acquired immune deficiency syndrome, as the name suggests, is a disease accompanied by drastic losses in the immunity of the patient’s body. Whereas chiropractic care refers to the generic treatments and care procedures related to the neuromuscular system and the spine. It is now a scientifically established fact that nervous system depends upon the immune system and similarly, the immune system also greatly depends on the nervous system and its functioning. This fact closely relates the betterment of the health of AIDS patients with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment mainly includes a kind of manual therapy, consisting of manipulation and relaxation of the spine and other muscles and joints. It also includes mild exercising and healthy lifestyle as a form of after treatment care. These healthy living practices which make a part of the chiropractic care are now becoming an integral part of the treatment of AIDS. Chiropractic benefits the sufferers of AIDS in the following three ways:

  • Boosts immunity: The main cause and symptom of the disease of AIDS is the drastic decline in the bodily immunity of the individual. Such people become much more prone to and at higher risks of death even from minor problems like influenza as compared to any other normal individual. Even a minor disruption in the body health can prove fatal for a patient of AIDS. The chiropractic care practices and the healthy lifestyle preached by the chiropractor leads to a boost in the immunity of the patient and make them less vulnerable to infections and minor diseases. It helps in making the immune system stronger and healthier and makes the patient feel better and stronger.
  • Secondary symptoms: The deadly disease of AIDS, beside the loss of immunity is also accompanied by many minor secondary health problems or symptoms, for example, numbness, tingling or burning sensation in one or more body parts and most of all, tiredness and lethargy. The manual treatments under chiropractic care relieve the patient of the above mentioned symptoms. It helps in easing the numbness of limbs and the tingling or the burning sensation in palms and feet through various chiropractic practices. Also, chiropractic care and improved lifestyle rejuvenates the AIDS patient, thus ridding him of the general sense of tiredness or lethargy.
  • Stress reduction: Beside and above the medical symptoms and the problems which come with this disease, the stress is what takes a heavy toll on the peace of mind of the patient. The regular stress of pain and knowledge of the fact that the disease is incurable causes intensive pressure and stress on the mind of the patient. Beyond boosting immunity and treating the patient of the secondary symptoms, the practices included under chiropractic care lead to a remarkable reduction in the stress levels of the patient and relax him extensively, thus leading to a comparatively cheerful and comfortable disease lifespan.

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